ABES College offers industry-leading education for careers in healthcare. We’re pleased to be able to deliver our programs through a virtual classroom so that students can build a meaningful career through the ongoing challenges of Covid-19.

The virtual classroom is an instructor-led learning environment.

Students in our virtual classroom have a class schedule and attend lectures and discussions together, just like a traditional classroom. The virtual classroom means students can access video lectures recorded by your instructors, participate in live interactions with instructors, complete assignments and group work online, and even submit assignments and take exams online. 

We use a platform called Schoology to host our virtual classroom.

Schoology connects instructors to students with an easy to use and easy to understand layout. The course materials, lectures, assignments and tests are located in one place.

All of our healthcare training programs are accepting new students for intakes this fall.

If you have questions about the virtual classroom or about our training programs, our Admissions Advisors are happily available to answer your questions.