Enjoy Helping People? Consider These Great Careers!

Are you the type of person that’s great with people and feels best when helping others? If so, pursuing a career in the healthcare field may lead to a fulfilling livelihood that lends you a sense of pride and purpose. Here are a few different professions for you to consider.

Health care aide

Becoming a health care aide means landing a hands-on career in which you can make a huge difference in the lives of those who are aged, disabled, or ill. A health care aide—sometimes also called a personal care assistant or a nursing attendant—assists those who are impaired accomplish everyday normal undertakings such as household chores, cooking, shopping and routine hygiene tasks. Health care aides have careers and jobs in group homes, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals throughout Calgary. Alberta Business & Educational Services offers a comprehensive health care aide program that provides key advantages including practical experience, an assortment of certifications, and high rates of employability upon graduation.

Medical office assistant

This career trajectory allows you to be of service in the helping professions in a less intensive but equally meaningful way. You’re likely to work during regular business hours, and combine physically undemanding administrative tasks while aiding those seeking medical attention. As a medical office assistant you’ll likely greet patients, provide basic intake of patients’ health, schedule and confirm appointments, describe treatment procedures required by patients, and provide further assistance as required. Medical office assistants need to be organized, empathetic, and great with people. Computer skills are also a must but these can be learned at health care schools in Calgary like Alberta Business & Educational Services.

Hospital unit clerk

This health care related career is similar to that of medical office assistant with several key differences. The biggest and most obvious disparity is that hospital unit clerks work in hospitals as opposed to doctor’s offices and clinics. Their daily tasks might include admitting and discharging patients, answering phones, scheduling medical appointments, ordering supplies, and other administrative task. Our post-secondary school in Calgary offers a 27-week program that will train you in all aspects of this critical role in the health care field.

An education that makes a difference

Schools that ready you for medical careers in Calgary aren’t all created equal. More than any other institution, Alberta Business & Educational Services offers you a substantial edge when starting down your new career path. High rates of employability for all our graduates, thanks in part to our affiliations with several key health organizations in Alberta, are a testament to the quality of our training. Contact us today to find out more about our programs.