Five No-Nonsense Tips From The Pros to Help You Find Your Dream Job after You Graduate from Medical School in Calgary

Landing your first job after you graduate from a Calgary medical school can be a challenge! Experts agree; to secure those elusive job interviews you have to work hard and you have to work smart.

Follow these 5 helpful tips to land your dream job:

1. Grades. This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure you get the best grades you possibly can while you’re studying at your medical school in Calgary. If your grades are average or you’re barely passing, be ready to answer for it during the job interview… if you get one, that is! To your potential employer, grades are not just a reflection of how smart you are, but also how hard you work and how serious you are. And those are invaluable qualities to have on the job market.

2. CV. 
Spend a little time on the internet and before long you’ll be overwhelmed by all the templates available, the free advice handed out and all the do’s and don’ts of CV writing. Don’t panic. Get an appointment with a counsellor in the career services office of the Calgary medical school at which you are registered. He or she will be only too happy to help you create the very best possible CV.

3. Experience. A familiar refrain for many job-seekers is, “All job offers I’m interested in ask for experience. How can I get experience if I can’t get a job?!” It sounds like a catch-22, when in fact it isn’t. Well before you graduate from Calgary medical school you should be looking for internships in fields that interest you, or volunteering in related areas. These will often be unpaid but will provide you with that all-important experience your future employer is looking for.

4. Networking. “It’s who you know….” How often have we heard that? It may sound unfair, but it’s the reality—one good contact will open a door faster than a hundred CVs posted on internet job boards! Tap your friends, family, social media and professional social networking sites for contacts. They’re gold!

5. Respect. Whomever you meet along the way, whatever work opportunity you land—paid or unpaid—treat with respect. Ego and disrespect shown towards fellow job-seekers, receptionists or interviewers will never fail to bite back down the road. Be professional at all times!

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