How Gamification has affected the Healthcare Industry

Gamification has taken the healthcare industry by storm! It has transformed the tedious rehabilitation process and the act of maintaining a healthy lifestyle into fun and effective activities. Don’t be surprised to see gamification on the syllabus of Calgary medical and healthcare schools in the near future!

Five ways gamification is transforming the healthcare industry

  1. Adopting a healthy lifestyle. Games that promote activity like Pokémon Go and activity trackers like Fitbit have done wonders to promote healthier lifestyles among the young and not-so-young. Games aren’t just for kids! Adding competitive, social and fun elements to the quest for healthier lifestyles (including diet monitoring, quitting smoking and other unhealthy habits, stress reduction, exercise tracking and chronic condition management) works extremely well.
  2. Rehabilitation. Gamification has also been applied to patient recovery. It can help patients manage their medication and provide fun incentives to those undergoing physical therapy. It can also serve as a tool to convey health and healthcare knowledge to patients and provide ongoing cognitive assessments.
  3. Ongoing healthcare practitioner education. Healthcare practitioners spend a lot of time studying to keep up with the latest advances in the healthcare field. Those who learn with the help of specially designed video games spend less time at it and drive better patient outcomes than their peers who use traditional methods of learning.
  4. Surgical performance. Electronic gaming also affects the abilities of surgeons. Studies reveal that surgeons who play video games perform better at laparoscopic surgery. This is an increasingly popular and less invasive type of surgical procedure in which a small incision is made in the abdomen wall through which a fibre-optic viewing tube (laparoscope) is inserted, allowing the doctor to examine organs on a video monitor connected to the tube and perform the necessary procedures.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. It’s no secret that healthcare is very, very costly. Administrators constantly look for ways to optimise their budgets. Gamification has shown great promise as a cost-effective tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. Don’t be surprised to see it used more extensively in all branches of the healthcare field in the near future!

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