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Join the ABES Community

Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) is a continuing education school in Calgary that aims to prepare our students for employers’ needs. 

We work to foster relationships between our students and local industry leaders – a need that larger academic institutions are not able to fulfill. As a matter of fact, our partners are often first in line to hire our graduates because they know our students are extensively trained in real-world and current workforce skills. Our students gain actual hands-on experience in their areas of study, with the help of our partners themselves.


A Positive Learning Experience for All

You will work hard at ABES but you will also enjoy being part of our unique community. 

We foster an environment of inclusion and diversity and take pride in creating a positive experience for all who attend. You will get to know your fellow students and might even have some fun along the way. Check out our gallery and view some of the social events we’ve had over the years, including our Stampede BBQ and Halloween festivities. At ABES, we enjoy getting to know you and we take the time to celebrate your achievements.

When you are thriving in your new career, you will look back on your time with us fondly and cherish the many relationships you created along the way. Read what some of our graduates have said about their experience at ABES.

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Our Calgary Continuing Education Grads Have Rewarding Jobs Waiting for Them

Our comprehensive continuing education programs in Calgary have been developed with the help and input of area businesses in the health care fields. 
Therefore, these local businesses know that ABES graduates have the exact training and competencies employers want. They actually hire our graduates specifically based on this fact – which is why our employment rate percentages are in the high 90s!

Have the Career You Want

If you’re ready to embark on a fulfilling new career in health care or  explore your continuing education options at Alberta Business & Educational Serves (ABES). Our instructors look forward to helping you build your way to a career in an exciting field that needs you. Contact us today!

Jobs at ABES

As a leader in continuing education in Calgary, we understand the important role we play in your future and in the community as a whole. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, we encourage you to check out the jobs available at ABES. Thank you for your interest!

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