Fast Track your Health Care Career With Unit Clerk & Medical Office Assistant

Join The Health Care Sector in Less Time With UC/MOA

Did you know that you could start a health care career in less than a year? For those who want to contribute their skills in the faced paced environment of a hospital or clinic, or help to run the operations of a medical office, the ABES UC/MOA program is worth learning more about.

The ABES Unit Clerk and Medical Office Assistant program provides graduates with a dual certificate for both roles, and opens the door to a variety of medical and healthcare roles.

Whether you see yourself working in a hospital alongside other medical professionals ensuring that patients receieve top quality care, or you want to explore your administrative and management skills in a medical setting such as an optometrists office, pediatric clinic, or specialty healthcare center, UC/MOA is the best place to start.

Another thing to consider: With waitlists and program durations for courses like Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) in Alberta taking multiple years to finish, UC/MOA is an excellent way to fast track and start gaining real experience in Healthcare within a year.

Check Out Malaika's UC/MOA Story:

Malaika was both a newcomer to Canada, and a new mother when she decided to continue her education and pursue a Unit Clerk/Medical Office Assistant certification with ABES College.

After deciding that the waitlists and program length of two years required to become an LPN didn't align with her needs, she chose to combine her management skills with healthcare education.

After completing the 8 month UC/MOA program, she is now assisting an optometrist and managing the operations of three optometry clinics. Malaika's success shows just one of the many amazing career paths that can be unlocked by a UC/MOA education.

Learn more about UC/MOA here, or get started with your application by scheduling a 15 minute call with an ABES Advisor.

Why Should You Get In Touch With An Advisor?

As a new Canadian learning about the support systems available to her, Malaika was happy to learn about government grants and support that made her dream of a health care career a reality. Without speaking with her ABES advisor, learning about these grants and getting valuable help with the application process might not have happened.


ABES is a small, privately owned school that provides not only traditional instruction but also places a priority on hands-on training. This means that in addition to learning in our labs, students will complete a practicum in the Calgary area. Employers look for students with hands-on skills, and our students are often hired during their Practicum experience. 

Additionally, ABES has a long history of partnering with the medical community and this is of great assistance in offering employment opportunities to our graduates.

Finally, ABES offers career placement services to our students so that they may enter the workforce as soon as possible after completing the program.