3 Sources of Student Financial Aid at ABES College 

Young women talking to student financial advisors

Education can get expensive. Most people don’t have extra money lying around to spend on schooling, so they borrow in hopes that their future boost in earnings will put them back in the black. Most people need student financial aid to pay for the fees, and luckily, many colleges offer student awards and financial assistance.    Read this article to … Read More

6 Career Path Opportunities for Newcomers to Canada

As a newcomer to Canada, your needs for a career are somewhat unique. You’ll want to focus on a job that will be fulfilling, but you also need to choose a profession that has a high demand. It’d be even better if you didn’t have to spend much time in school to get started.   So, what are the best jobs … Read More

The First 5 Things You Need to do Once You Arrive in Calgary 

Moving to a new city can be intimidating and overwhelming—especially if you’ve also just moved to a new country. To help you transition smoothly, we’ve included a checklist for newcomers to Canada with specific steps on what you should do first in Calgary.   1. Find Accommodation  If you’re new to Calgary, the first thing you need to do is find … Read More

Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk: Which Career Should You Pursue?   

Hospital unit clerk and medical office assistant program in Alberta- ABES College

Working in the medical field can be an exciting opportunity, and there are many more roles other than nurse or doctor to consider. For example, two accessible careers include working as a medical office assistants and unit clerks. These are vital positions that make hospitals and medical offices run smoothly.   You’d be a vital part of the team in either … Read More

What is Compassion Fatigue? Physical and Emotional Symptoms and How to Address Them  

Compassion Fatigue Symptoms

Exhausted healthcare workers are more likely to develop compassion fatigue. Not only can this impact a healthcare worker’s performance, but it might also impact how they feel about themselves. While it may seem and feel like a change in disposition, compassion fatigue can be reversed. You can also prevent compassion fatigue from reoccurring.  What is Compassion Fatigue? Put simply, compassion … Read More

All You Need to Know About Pharmacy Assistant Career Opportunities in Calgary 

Pharmacy Assistant Opportunities in Calgary

If you’re looking for a stable, well-paying job that’s currently in high demand, then you should consider working as a pharmacy assistant in Calgary. Not only are employers all over Alberta hiring for this position, but the opportunities to help your community, work on a reasonable schedule, and continue learning make this a wholly rewarding and fulfilling career choice.  What … Read More

Why Become a Community Support Worker?

Why become a Community Support Worker? The Addiction and Disability Community Support Worker diploma program is designed to provide students with the valuable skills needed to work in the community care sector. The diploma program includes an introduction to addiction and disability, as well as modules on communication skills, ethics and values, interpersonal relationships, mental health awareness, and workplace safety. … Read More

Fast Track your Health Care Career With Unit Clerk & Medical Office Assistant

Join The Health Care Sector in Less Time With UC/MOA Did you know that you could start a health care career in less than a year? For those who want to contribute their skills in the faced paced environment of a hospital or clinic, or help to run the operations of a medical office, the ABES UC/MOA program is worth … Read More

Why Become a Health Care Aide?

Why become a Health Care Aide? Health Care Aides are crucial to the quality of care that people receive in hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, and more. Because of this, HCAs are in high demand in Alberta. If you are looking for a career in health care that will provide you with rewarding and consistent work for better pay, … Read More

Why Become a Unit Clerk?

Unit Clert speaks to doctors

Why become a Unit Clerk? the ABES College Unit Clerk and Medical office Assistant program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter into a health care career. Why? Because with your training as a UC/MOA, you are able to fill multiple roles, including Admitting Clerk, Health Records Clerk, Chart Management Clerk, and Hospital Unit Clerk. With your education … Read More