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ABES Sterile Processing Technician Students Offer Testimonials

I am proud to be a student of ABES.

I came in Canada six year ago. I was a Medical Doctor by profession in my home country India. Since coming here, I was doing odd jobs. Then luckily I heard about ABES and attended a workshop for SPT course. Then I did SPT course in August 2009 and finished in April 2010. I did this whole course on govt. funding and they gave me living allowance as well.

After completion of my course, I got job immediately in Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary. After doing job there for about 1 year, I got permanent position at Foothill Medical Hospital. So ABES gave me the opportunity to work again in the medical field, professional satisfaction and good income in my Job.

Once again I would like to thank ABES for everything what they did for me and my family.

ABES SPT Graduate

They have definitely exceeded my expectations and more.

Our experience at ABES has been wonderful; all the staff were exceptionally helpful to each and everyone of us. The learning structure is very well organized that we feel very confident and well prepared going through our practicum. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing experience, they have showed us genuine kindness and it goes without saying that they truly care for the students at ABES. They have definitely exceeded my expectations and more.

ABES SPT Graduate

Studying at ABES was such a great experience. 

 The multicultural environment and the knowledgeable classmates and instructors made learning so easy. The positive aspect is the way the ABES instructors treat their students with respect, love and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed going to school every day because of my instructors who were so helpful, leading their students to perfection. They would in a way or another, encourage student to do their best and indeed ABES students are the best and everybody out there talk about that.

ABES SPT Graduate

Really ABES changed my life of course to the better side. 

 At ABES I received the best teaching and training which helped me a lot during my practicum. I got hired immediately after finishing my practicum which I was totally unexpected, but because of the well training which I got. I found myself very well prepared to start a new career with self confidence.

Many many thanks to all who helped me at ABES and GOD Bless them all.

ABES SPT Graduate

It gives you a bond which is life long.

I found myself alone and depressed in this country, as I had no friend circle here until I joined ABES, which gave me a family that I will never leave. It gives you a bond which is life long.

Studying at ABES has been the best thing in my life. I come to know about Canadian culture, people and a lot of slang thanks to the best teachers, we had the opportunity to study with.

We got more opportunities in comparison to other students in different institutes due to high no. of instruments, better teaching methods and experienced staff.

Thanks a lot for everything.

ABES SPT Graduate

ABES was a life changing experience.

By getting into the SPT program of ABES I was able to develop my career in the health industry. I got my confidence back. I’ve got new friends. All the instructors, co-ordinator and staff of ABES were wonderful.

ABES SPT Graduate

 I appreciate all your advice and time.

I sincerely appreciate the ABES educational service and staff for spending their time reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. Especially coordinator Dolores, her advice was very helpful, usable, and direct.

I especially appreciate the tour in Edmonton to connect me to others in your network. I plan on following up with the contacts and what I found in our tour. I will also use the online networking resources that ABES Service gave us during the class. I appreciate all your advice and time.

Best regards

ABES SPT Graduate

I enjoyed my time at ABES. 

I got lot of knowledge beyond sterilization. I was really impressed by the intellectual approach of Dolores. The sterilization department was really organized.

They have lot of instruments to make this course attractive.

Once again Thanks for giving us full attention. I will remember my time here forever.

ABES SPT Graduate

I am very touched and also thankful to all what they did for me. 

I studied in ABES as a SPT student from 2009 to 2010 for 9 months. Here I learned all the knowledge about the surgical processing and helped to get chance for practicum and get information for job. My language skills also got very great improvement. They are very helpful for our later work in the hospital. Now I am working in Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

I am very touched and also thankful to all what they did for me. Especially my instructor, Dolores she is very nice, responsible and skillful teacher. She always works hard and tries her best to help me in every aspect of my life. She is so important to us and I will always miss her in my life. Thank you very much for your help and your care!!

ABES SPT Graduate

I’m feeling that I am so lucky to study SPT program in ABES.

Even though I had 9 – year – experience in Chinese hospital as a physician, I really struggled with English barriers after I came to Canada. I was upset that I would not work in the medical field any more in Canada. Therefore I lost the long-term goal in my life. Because of God’s blessing I found that SPT program in ABES was designed for the immigrants who had medical or science background. After I studied SPT in ABES, our instructors always encouraged me, inspired me to pursue the short-term and long-term goals in Canadian medical field. Furthermore, they taught me tons of knowledge that was related to Canadian Culture, essential sterilization theories, and hands-on skills. Since this is a multi-culture class, I get used to understanding the other culture. I know that my life would change completely forever. I think this studying period is one of the best life times in my entire life. As a result, I’m becoming more and more self-confident, motivated and happy. I really appreciate the opportunity of being a SPT student in ABES, which the government offered to the immigrants.

ABES SPT Graduate

My “ABES” experience is one of the sweetest things that happened in my life.

ABES played the role of a savior when I was going through one of the most difficult situations of my life. I learned a lot here about the Canadian culture, communicating skill as well as about the working environment of different health care jobs, besides our theory part, which is really a big achievement for me. All the staff of ABES are very well behaved, co-operative and understanding that I haven’t found in any other recognized school in Calgary. “. ABES has taken care of us like our parents. Although I am going to enter in the job field, my relationship with ABES, with Dolores will be the same as before. In the near future, “ABES” will be the top most school for health care program in Alberta that I believe.

ABES SPT Graduate

I would like take this opportunity to thank ABES

I would like take this opportunity to thank ABES and the staffs for the education and training that I have earned. It prepared me to be competitive and honed me to become a successful Surgical Processor. It makes a lot of difference compared to where I was before. It helped me to achieve the realization of my dreams to work in a hospital setting and get a better pay. I am proud to say that ABES helps new immigrants like me to fulfill their dreams and aspirations to live in this beautiful country Canada and give a better future of their children.

ABES SPT Graduate

ABES has changed my life

As a new immigrant and after being laid off from a simple job, I could not find any job during the recession. But ABES has changed my life. I took Sterile Processing Technician program in 2010 at ABES and have get all the knowledge, skills and certificate after graduation. I got my job easily from Foothill Hospital because I am being certificated. It was an excited experience to have a professional job in a big hospital. Therefore I would like to express my appreciation to ABES’ SPT staff. They not only help the new comers to get necessary knowledge and certificate but also help us to get settlement in a new country.

ABES SPT Graduate

ABES is very nice institution for students who are looking for a new career in the medical field.

 I was in the Sterile Processing Technician program during the past 9 months with ABES since it provide this wonderful program. During the program I was very impressed by the services which ABES provided. The program was very well organized, programmed and delivered to the students. After graduation I was able to be employed again by the local hospital and actually all my classmates in the program were hired by the local hospitals or dental clinics. ABES is a superior place for those people looking for a new career in the medical field.

ABES SPT Graduate

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