Start A Rewarding New Career in a Dental Office

Program Highlights

  • Get the training you need to begin a rewarding new career in the dental office industry!
  • Plenty of stable, high-paying jobs available with a strong job outlook.
  • More than 95% of applicants qualify for funding.

What does a Dental Office Administrator do?

Dental Office Administrators operate the reception and front office of a dental clinic. They work on dental software to enter patient information, schedule appointments, upload x-rays, bill insurance companies, and more. DOAs need to cope with dental emergencies and deal with special needs and medically compromised patients. A Dental Office Administrator requires excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

  • Preparing patients’ charts and daily schedules for the dental staff
  • Updating patient records and documenting recent treatments and procedures on an electronic client management system
  • Communicating with medical insurance providers to determine if patients are required to make co-payments

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The Health Care Aide Program at ABES helped Manju to land her dream job just 1 day after graduation.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Best Decision I’ve Made in My Life

The best decision I’ve ever made in my life, thank you ABES staff for helping me achieve my goals. Now I have my certificate for HCA and already have a job.

Vicky B. - 22/08/2019

Best Decision I’ve Made in My Life

The best decision I’ve ever made in my life, thank you ABES staff for helping me achieve my goals. Now I have my certificate for HCA and already have a job.

Vicky B. - 22/08/2019

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Maxident Practice Management Software

Intelligently Different Dental Software.

State-of-the-art dental office software solutions for your entire practice—patients, administrative staff and clinicians—from initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and dental patient recall.

Our innovative, easy-to-use, dental software programs, with cutting edge technologies—artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, digital imaging, and more—improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and ensure optimal patient dental health.

Maxident is excited to work with ABES College to provide additional course options to the Dental Office Administration Program that will assist students in opening more employment opportunities as they complete their studies.

Intelligently Different Dental Software.

What is the Job Outlook for Dental Office Administrators in Calgary?

Great news for Dental Office Administrators: there are plenty of opportunities for steady, high-paying positions right now in Calgary.

Workers in health care and human services in Alberta have less unemployment and higher wages than average.

Wages vary according to the workplace, but on average the average salary for a dental office administrator is between $23,712 and $57,304 a year, according to

Dental Office Administrators have many different work settings to choose from. Dental offices are the most common option, but DOAs also work at hospitals, oral prosthetic processing centers, insurance companies, and medical group practices.

Can I Qualify for Financial Aid?

Yes! More than 95% of applicants qualify for financial aid.

Many applicants—such as those with children, those who didn’t work last year, and those who recently arrived in Canada—will qualify for free grants automatically, and even those with a high income will usually qualify for some aid.

In short: if you’re worried about the cost of the program, schedule a time to chat with an Admissions Advisor. They can help give you a better idea of how much financial aid you will qualify for.

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ABES College Difference

What Makes ABES Different from Other Schools?

We stand out from other schools for 3 big reasons:
  • As a small, privately owned school, ABES guarantees hands-on training for every student.
  •  Unlike other schools, all our programs offer practicum in the Calgary area—making it easier for you to stay local. (Many students get their first job offer while they’re still on practicum)
  • Finally, we stand out for our extensive connections in the medical community. Thanks to our relationships with local healthcare facilities, our graduates have an easy road to employment.
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