Program DeliveryClassroom or Online Formats Available
duration27 Weeks (6 Months)
Schedule5 Days / Week, evenings and weekends scheduling available
Practicum6 Weeks Full-Time

Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program Highlights

Here's what you can expect from your education and career as a Unit Clerk or Medical Office Assistant:

  • Orientation to the Role of Unit Clerk and Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Terminology - The Language of Medicine
  • Applied Written Communication/English Skills
  • Applied Computer and Productivity Skills
  • Health Unit Coordinator Module
  • Order Processing
  • Computerized Data Entry Systems
  • ADT (Admitting, Discharge, Transfer of Patients)
  • Chart Management
  • Medical Conflict Resolution
  • Office Assistant Module
  • Billing Resumes and Interviews

There are many career opportunities for graduates in Calgary following the completion of our medical administrative assistant courses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, and enroll in the ABES dual diploma program, which allows students to be certified as both a Unit Clerk and a Medical Office Assistant in just 27 weeks. 

ABES Graduate Employment Rate
MOA Median Wage
UC Median Wage

*MOA Source:

* UC Source:

Unit Clerk & Medical Office Assistant: What do UC/MOAs do?

Unit Clerks and MOAs are often the first point of contact for patients entering a medical facility. Not only do they answer phones, book appointments and respond to inquiries, but unit clerks and medical office assistants also manage the flow of information from patients to medical staff and vice versa.

Unit clerks in particular play a vital role in hospitals by assisting physicians and nurses in their unit. A unit clerk may be responsible for processing orders for medication prescriptions and diagnostic exams. Medical office assistants are more commonly found in medical clinics assisting general practitioners and family physicians. Both roles will schedule patient treatments, manage and maintain records and assist with intake and discharge from the unit or clinic.

In addition, UCs and MOAs are responsible for various administrative duties, including health care billing, updating room lists and keeping office and patient care supplies stocked. Anyone considering either of these careers should also be comfortable using a computer and enjoy customer service.

As for working hours, unit clerk positions will often follow a shift schedule and may include a combination of day, night and weekend shifts. On the other hand, MOAs will most likely follow a standard 9-5 schedule.

Get the Exact Unit Clerk & Medical Office Assistant Training Calgary Employers Want

Due to our cooperation with relevant partners, such as Alberta Health Services, the health care industry knows that ABES’ medical administrative assistant courses best prepare students for employment.

Our Unit Clerk + Medical Office Assistant diploma program is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge and real-world practical skills you need to assist patients and personnel at any type of medical establishment. Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) with many resources, including a training environment for Sunrise Clinical Management (SCM), a software program used by all patient care units in Calgary hospitals.

Our medical administrative assistant diplomas provide students with the following industry-specific training:

    • A 6-week practicum with AHS or a private medical office, so students can experience a true work environment and gain valuable experience.
    • Extensive training in data input and computer skills, including the use of SCM and other health care software programs.
    • All-encompassing training so you can fill any position, including Admitting Clerk, Ward Clerk, Health Records Clerk, Chart Management Clerk, Hospital Unit Clerk and medical receptionist.

    Career Opportunities

    Find a UC/MOA career in the following fields and locations:

    • Hospital Unit
    • Outpatient Clinic
    • Long-term Care Facility
    • Specialist Medical Clinic
    • Private Medical Office
    • Private Paramedical Office

    6 Week Practicum Placement

    We give UC/MOA students the experience needed to fine-tune skills and get hired upon graduating

    Many diploma recipients secure their first career position because of the experience gained during their practicum.

    Along with your medical assistant and unit clerk course work, your practicum gives you the real-world experience that employers seek. Additionally, our partnerships with AHS and private medical offices ensure students are working in relevant practicum positions that have the potential to turn into full-time employment opportunities.

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    Video Testimonials

    The UC/MOA Program at ABES helped Anjoom get hired at both of her practicum sites after graduation

    Apply For This ProgramBegin your path towards a rewarding career

    What Our Students Have to Say

    Trust the Process

    Studying at ABES College has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The instructors and staff are a top-rate as they want their students to do well and they are very supportive in every step of the way. I am very thankful for all the staff of ABES College as they have been a part of my successful journey and I wouldn't achieve what I have achieved without the caring environment. One piece of advice I would like to give to future students is "just trust the process!"

    Angelyn P.

    Great School

    ABES College is a great school! If you want a career in health care this is the place to go. They have a great reputation with CLS and Alberta Health Services. They will give you everything you need to start in health care down to scrubs to wear. I would recommend anyone to take a program here. The staff and teachers really care about students. They will help you reach your goals.

    Vicky B. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Job Outlook for Unit Clerks and Medical Office Assistants in Calgary?

    Did you know that Calgary has a shortage of Unit Clerks and Medical Office Assistants? 
    This means that graduates of our Unit Clerk + Medical Office Assistant diploma program will easily find jobs in Calgary. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and become certified as both a Unit Clerk and a Medical Office Assistant in just 6 months.

    Can I Qualify for Financial Aid?

    At ABES, more than 95% of applicants qualify for financial aid through grants and government funding.

    Whether you have children, just arrived in Canada or have a variable income stream, our financial aid programs can help you complete the Unit Clerk + Medical Office Assistant Program.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to an Admissions Advisor for help with the financial aid process.

    Learn More About Financial Options

    The ABES College Difference

    What Makes ABES Different from Other Schools?

    We stand out from other schools for 3 big reasons:
    • As a small, privately owned school, ABES guarantees hands-on training for every student.
    •  Unlike other schools, all our programs offer practicum in the Calgary area—making it easier for you to stay local. (Many students get their first job offer while they’re still on practicum)
    • Finally, our extensive connections in the medical community set us apart from other schools. Thanks to our relationships with local healthcare facilities and prominent employers, we can offer one of the highest employment rates in Calgary.