Career Path and Salary Prospects for Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians in Alberta 

Career Path and Salary Prospects for Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians in Alberta

Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians (MDRTs) play a critical role in healthcare by ensuring that medical instruments are properly sterilized and ready for use. This blog explores the career prospects, salary expectations, educational requirements, continuing education opportunities, and potential career advancements for MDRTs in Alberta. 

Educational Requirements 

To become a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, one needs to complete high school at a minimum. That said, a post-secondary program in medical device reprocessing is usually preferred at most healthcare institutions. These programs usually cover essential topics like microbiology, sterilization techniques, infection control, and equipment handling.  

For example, ABES College in Alberta offers a specialized training program designed to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in this field. Our program is ten months long and includes an 8-week practicum for real, on-the-job experience.  

Salary Expectations 

According to ALIS data, MDRTs in Alberta typically earn an average wage of $23.86 per hour, which translates to an average annual salary of approximately $39,000. With experience and additional qualifications, MDRTs can achieve higher pay scales so that it continues to be a financially rewarding career choice. 

To start, new sterile processing technicians in Alberta can expect around $17 per hour, while in the Calgary region, experienced technicians can earn up to $30.18 per hour (source: Canada’s Job Bank). 

Continuing Education Opportunities 

Continuing education is vital for MDRTs to stay current with advancements in sterilization and infection control practices. Numerous institutions and professional associations, such as the Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing, offer workshops, seminars, webinars and additional certifications in advanced reprocessing techniques. Through pursuing continuing education, technicians can enhance their skills and increase their competitiveness and potential for career advancement. 

Career Advancement 

While many MDRTs continue to thrive in their roles, others may choose to advance their careers by transitioning into related positions. Potential next-steps career paths include: 

  • Supervisory Roles: With experience and additional leadership training, MDRTs can move into supervisory or management positions within medical facilities. 
  • Infection Control Specialist: Some MDRTs may pursue further education to specialize in infection control, playing a pivotal role in maintaining healthcare standards. 
  • Educator or Trainer: Experienced MDRTs can become educators or trainers, sharing their expertise with new technicians entering the field. 

Start Your Career in Sterile Processing with Abes Today 

A career as a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician offers a promising future with competitive salaries, opportunities for advancement, and essential contributions to healthcare. If you are interested in pursuing this rewarding career, consider enrolling in a training program at ABES College to get started on your path to success. 

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