The Importance of Sterile Equipment and Supplies: Learn to be a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician at ABES medical school in Calgary

Medical Device Reprocessing (Sterile Processing)

Medical device reprocessing (MDR) technicians perform an indispensable service in all medical establishments that carry out surgical or other medical procedures. MDR is the foundation upon which the entire chain of medical procedures rests; without impeccably clean and sterile equipment, everything grinds to a halt!

Here is a look at what medical device reprocessing technicians do:

  • MDR technicians in Alberta complete an intense training program at a medical school like Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES). The program offered by this medical school in Calgary comprises 760 hours of classroom instruction and a 320-hour practicum.
  • More than mere cleaning! MDR technicians inspect and disassemble medical equipment after it’s been used and clean, disinfect and sterilize it. They also perform regular standards tests to monitor how effective the sterilization process is.
  • Sorting and repackaging. MDR technicians are also responsible for sorting, reassembling and packaging sterile surgical instruments and equipment in such a way as to make them readily available in operating rooms and other medical procedure areas. They maintain an inventory and report damage of equipment and problems regarding availability of supplies and instruments. They may also order supplies and maintain records.

Why are MDR technicians so important and what qualities make a good MDR technician?

  • Cleanliness and sterility are paramount! Equipment used throughout medical establishments has to be spotless and sterile. If it’s not, operations and procedures can be held up and precious minutes lost in life-or-death situations while proper equipment is found. If improperly sterilized equipment is used unwittingly, grave infections can result. The entire chain of operation relies explicitly on perfectly processed medical instruments. Without it, patients can suffer, a medical establishment’s reputation can be irreversibly damaged and citations and fines can be levied against it, possibly leading to reviews and lawsuits.
  • Focus and attention to detail are vital. Good medical device reprocessing technicians trained at a Calgary medical school are able to focus for long periods of time without lapses and take pride in their attention to detail. It’s the nature of the job—there is no margin for error!

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