Medical Lab Assistant

ABES Medical Lab Assistant Students Offer Testimonials

After I graduated and I am very satisfied with my career

I am extremely thankful to ABES and my wonderful instructors for providing exceptional educational services. I highly recommend the MLA program, as it has helped me in maintaining my business and family life. The beauty of being an MLA is that the work hours are extremely flexible and you can choose the work schedules according to your requirements. I would also like to mention that I got hired right after I graduated and I am very satisfied with my career.

ABES MLA Graduate

I would certainly recommend ABES

However due to some changes I was laid off, and after being unable to find a job, I decided that I would go back to school and start a new career. With the help of my friends and family I enrolled into the MLA program at ABES. Being at ABES was one of the best experiences I have ever had; everyone there was extremely helpful and went out of their way to help me succeed. The training and things that I learnt at ABES have gone a long way in helping me not only find a job but start a career I enjoy more than I would have ever thought possible. If anyone were to go back to school, I would certainly recommend ABES as they go above and beyond when helping their students.

ABES MLA Graduate

To me ABES is a gate to my future.

It is a good school with a friendly environment which is supportive of all its students who come from all over the world. ABES shows those students a pathway to reach their goals. It is a place where learning is valued and it is a thoughtful place that honors thinking and the work of teachers and students. The instructors are truly welcoming and a guide for the students. It provides opportunities for higher education as well as allowing its students to work in all areas and live better lives.

ABES MLA Graduate

The impression I had of ABES was very pleasant from the start.

After a conversation with my wife where I expressed that I felt annoyed working survival jobs, she suggested that I pick a career in the medical field. During my research I found Alberta Business and Educational Services (ABES).

The impression I had of ABES was very pleasant from the start. Their staff was very professional, responsible and friendly.

I quite liked the idea of getting a diploma in five months and being able to enter the work force within the health care field. During my time in the school, I received the necessary medical training to work as Medical Lab Assistant. ABES teachers have great educational and practical training, making the learning process easy.

During school I had the opportunity to practice over 200 venipunctures. Throughout out my training I noticed how my skills to do my job pretty quickly developed. In addition, the instructors treated me like a person and not as a number, as often happens in larger schools.

In my last month, I was sent to lab practicum in the city. By having practiced a large number of venipunctures in school, I had the skills and great confidence I required to make this transition from the classroom to the laboratory.

My experience and education through ABES made it easy to obtain employment with in the field of my education. I personally recommend ABES as an excellent school where they prepared for the current market demand.


ABES MLA Graduate

Well I am very proud to be one of the students in ABES.

ABES School helped me a lot. They have good teachers to teach about health care; they helped me to do well in my education. I did well in class, in my practicum and in my final practicum. I encourage everyone who is interested in doing health care aide but have any fear to come to ABES and they will show you the way as they did to myself. Thank you ABES for making me realize my dream.

ABES MLA Graduate

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