What’s it like to be a Health Care Aide?

Have you ever thought about working in health care? It’s one of the most in-demand careers right now and it’s a fantastic way to make a positive difference. And if you like helping people, there is one position that you might be perfect for: a Health Care Aide. What do Health Care Aides do? Health Care Aides provide care and … Read More

5 Reasons Health Care Aide is the Most Rewarding Health Care Career

We know you work hard to support your family, and you’re good at it. But you know what else? You deserve to be happy too. You deserve the opportunity to be successful and make a positive difference in the world. If you’re tired of bouncing from one low paying, unsatisfying job to the next, consider becoming a health care aide. … Read More

Cost of Living in Calgary

If you’re planning a move to Calgary, you might be worried about finding a good job that will provide for your family and help you pay Calgary rent. Rightfully so. Unfortunately, the minimum wage in Alberta is only $15 an hour. In order to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Calgary, you’ll need to earn around $20.98 an hour, or $26.97 … Read More

Elder care is important work

We’re all taught from childhood that it’s important to be kind to others. We even call it “the golden rule” – treat others as you would like to be treated. When you get into your elder years, how would you like to be treated? Chances are, you’d like to have your basic needs, like housing, mobility, hygiene, nutrition, and socialization … Read More


ABES College offers industry-leading education for careers in healthcare. We’re pleased to be able to deliver our programs through a virtual classroom so that students can build a meaningful career through the ongoing challenges of Covid-19.

How virtual reality is transforming medical training

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare system, med students require advanced skills training to practice medicine and serve their patients well. New innovations are increasingly being introduced into hospitals, clinics and other types of healthcare centres across the nation. Virtual reality (VR) is an example of an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize medical school training programs in Calgary … Read More

Common Concerns: “Am I Too Old To Go Back to School?”

There are many different reasons to want to go back to school. Maybe you want extra training to move forward more quickly in your chosen career path. On the other hand, you may be in a career that you don’t necessarily feel passionate about and want to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do.However, many people who aren’t “traditional students” … Read More

Stress Management: Coping with Compassion Fatigue

There are few professions that cause more stress than those in the field of medicine. For the average person, juggling erratic work schedules, large patient loads and overwhelming psychological pressure, can make it difficult to find a moment to relax and keep yourself composed. So what can you do to help manage your stress and stay focused on the job? … Read More

3 Foolproof ways to finance post-secondary studies

Does the thought of paying for your children’s continuing education make you break out into a cold sweat?https://studentaid.alberta.ca/ Between tuition, books, student housing and living expenses, the costs associated with post-secondary school in Calgary can take a toll on your wallet. Regardless, you likely realize that higher education is a sound investment in your children’s future and are willing to do what … Read More