5 Things You’ll Learn in a Dental Office Assistant (DOA) Program 

Dental Office Assistant working with Dentist looking at x-ray - 5 Things You'll Learn in a Dental Office Assistant (DOA) Program

Enrolling in a Dental Office Assistant (DOA) program is your first step toward a rewarding career at the intersection of healthcare and administration. This certification opens doors to numerous opportunities and sets you apart as a skilled professional ready to meet the demands of a dynamic healthcare environment. Here, we list five critical skills you’ll learn when you enroll in a college DOA program. 

1. Dental Terminology  

You’ll learn the specific language used in dentistry, enabling clear communication between the dental staff and patients. This knowledge extends to understanding complex procedures and treatments, allowing for accurate scheduling, billing, and patient care coordination. 

2. Patient Charting and Software Proficiency 

A DOA college program will teach you how to create and manage patient charts using specialized dental software. This is a critical skill for creating accurate and organized patient records. 

3. Insurance Processing and Financial Management 

You’ll learn to navigate the complex world of insurance claims and transactions within a dental office. This includes billing, payments, record-keeping and office management. 

4. Emergency Protocols  

Developing the skills to handle dental emergencies is essential to your training. You’ll learn how to respond quickly and effectively to urgent care situations. 

5. Real-World Experience 

Many colleges offer practicum placements which provide valuable hands-on experience in a real dental office. This also gives you a leg-up in applying for jobs as you’ll be enhancing your skillset and employability

Start Your DOA Training Today! 

ABES College in Calgary offers a comprehensive DOA program to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for this role in dental healthcare. With focused training, hands-on experience, and a strong network, ABES prepares you for immediate success in the field. Contact our admissions team to start your application today!