Accessing Social Services in Calgary: A Guide for New Immigrant

Family at a local support office looking for help - Accessing Social Services in Calgary: A Guide for New Immigrants

Calgary, a friendly and energetic city in Alberta, Canada, is home to a diverse population, including a significant number of newcomers. As you settle into your new life in Calgary, you may need to access social services to support your needs and goals. This guide provides a quick overview of the various social services available in Calgary so you can access the support you need in your new home.  

What are Social Services? 

Social services are a broad range of programs and initiatives designed to support individuals, families, and communities in achieving their well-being and social development goals. They encompass a wide spectrum of services, including: 

In Canada, the government funds social services with money collected from taxes. These services are especially helpful for those in need, including new immigrants, low-income families, and others requiring extra support. The goal of this system is to ensure everyone has access to necessary services like healthcare, job assistance, and education, contributing to the overall well-being and equality in society. 

How to Utilize Social Services in Calgary 

The social service landscape in Calgary can be complex, with a variety of government and non-profit organizations offering a multitude of services. To effectively navigate the system and find the support you need, consider these steps: 

  1. Identify your needs: Clearly define the areas where you need assistance, whether it’s financial support, employment assistance, or healthcare services. 
  1. Research available services: Utilize online resources, community directories, and immigrant settlement agencies to gather information about specific programs that align with your needs. 
  1. Contact service providers: Directly reach out to the organizations that offer the services you require. They will guide you through the application process and provide eligibility criteria. 
  1. Seek additional support: If you need assistance navigating the system or completing forms, consider seeking help from immigrant settlement agencies or community support workers. 

5 Key Social Services Available in Calgary 

Calgary offers a wide range of social services to support the diverse needs of its residents. Here are some key examples: 

Calgary Career & Employment Centre 

Provides comprehensive employment services to assist individuals in their job search, skill development, and career planning. 

Centre for Newcomers (CFN) 

Offers a comprehensive range of settlement services to newcomers, including immigration assistance, language classes, and job search support. 

Calgary Counselling Centre 

Provides counselling and therapy services to individuals, families, and couples facing mental health challenges. 

Calgary Food Bank 

Offers food assistance to low-income individuals and families who are struggling with food insecurity. 

Bow Valley Learning Centre 

Provides adult education and literacy programs to help individuals improve their basic skills and enhance their employability. 

ABES College: Your Partner in Education and Success 

As you navigate the social service system and settle into your new life in Calgary, consider ABES College for upgrading your skills and finding employment. We offer a range of programs and services tailored to newcomers, including programs for healthcare and community support roles. 

At ABES College, we are committed to helping newcomers achieve their educational and career goals while thriving in their new Canadian home. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services.