Top 5 Job Skills That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job in Healthcare

Customer service rep in medical industry - Top 5 Job Skills That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job in Healthcare

Want to work in healthcare but don’t know where to start? You might have more experience than you think! In this blog, we’ll explore five job experiences that can significantly boost your chances of getting hired in the Canadian healthcare industry. 

1. Customer Service 

Customer service experience is a valuable asset to have when applying for healthcare jobs. It helps you develop skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, and communication, which are essential for providing quality care to patients. Healthcare professionals must interact with patients, families, and colleagues, and customer service experience provides an excellent foundation for this. 

2. Admin Experience 

Administrative experience is another critical skill required in the healthcare industry. It helps you with tasks such as data entry, scheduling, and file management, which are essential in medical billing and coding. Having experience in these areas can also help you land jobs in healthcare administration, which is an exciting and rewarding career. 

3. Food and Beverage Serving 

Food and beverage serving experience may not seem directly related to healthcare, but it’s incredibly useful. In hospitals and care homes, providing nutritious meals is a vital component of patient care, and having these versatile skills can prepare you for various roles.  

4. Volunteer Work with Vulnerable Populations 

Volunteering in community, school, and healthcare settings is an excellent way to gain direct patient care experience. Volunteering can also provide you with opportunities to work with diverse populations, such as sick, elderly, and vulnerable people, which is essential for any career in the healthcare industry. 

5. Healthcare Experience From Your Home Country 

While some healthcare education programs may not be transferable to Canada, any previous experience in a healthcare setting is always a valuable addition to your resume. Such experience can help you gain an understanding of medical terminology and clinical practices, which can be highly advantageous when applying for healthcare jobs in Canada. Plus, having experience in public health, internships, or nursing can provide a significant boost to your chances of landing a job in the industry.  

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