10 Tips to Help You Prep for College Exams

Are You Ready?

Choosing continuing education is a fantastic way to improve your future job prospects. Come exam time; however, you can really start to feel the pressure.

At ABES (Alberta Business & Educational Services) College in Calgary, we always make sure that students have the resources they need in order to do well.

Here are 10 tips that can help you successfully prep for any exam:

1. Prepare your study area

A clear and organized study space makes for clear and organized studying. You’ll need enough light, a comfortable chair, enough space to spread out all of your materials, and minimal distractions.

2. Don’t start studying the night before

Cramming for an exam the night before rarely produces good results. Start studying well before the exam so that you have time to thoroughly review all of your material and give special attention to the material you are having trouble with.

3. Take breaks

You should study in intervals, rather than for hours on end. You’ll have a much greater chance of absorbing the material you just read if you step away for a short time before diving into another topic.

4. Use visual aids

Organizing the information that you need to review into visual aids such as diagrams and flow charts can be highly beneficial. Diagrams force you to condense the information, which means you’ll have an easier time recalling it.

5. Organize a study group

As an exam approaches, it can be a great idea to organize the other students in your Calgary continuing education class into a study group. You can quiz each other and help each other work through the material.

6. Explain your study material to others

Aside from fellow students, friends and family members can also help you study. Asking for a few minutes of their time and explaining your answers and study materials to them will force you to get the information more organized in your mind.

7. Practice taking old exams

If old practice exams are available, use them! Doing so will give you an idea of what to expect and will guide your studying to focus on the most important material.

8. Work with your brain, not against it

The most successful continuing education students in Calgary know what time of day their brain works best. If you’re a morning person, then crack those books open while you have your morning coffee. Or, if you’re a night owl, then save your evenings for studying instead.

9. Take care of yourself

When preparing for exams, it’s important not to neglect yourself. Make sure you’re sleeping, getting enough water, and eating well. Your brain will only retain so much information if you’re not treating your body right.

10. Be ready on exam day

In order to minimize stress, you need to have a plan of action in place for exam day. Know what time your exam is, where your exam is, how to get to your exam, and what time you’ll need to leave your house.

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