6 Career Path Opportunities for Newcomers to Canada

6 Career Path Opportunities for Newcomers to Canada

As a newcomer to Canada, your needs for a career are somewhat unique. You’ll want to focus on a job that will be fulfilling, but you also need to choose a profession that has a high demand. It’d be even better if you didn’t have to spend much time in school to get started.  

So, what are the best jobs for newcomers in Canada? Many are in the medical field, which often combines high pay with a sense of purpose in the community.  

1. Medical Laboratory Assistant 

When it comes to high-paying jobs in Canada for immigrants, medical laboratory assistant roles are an excellent option for science lovers. The median wage for workers in this profession is $27/hour. However, those who work hard and apply themselves could make up to $71/hour, an incredible wage even considering the high costs of living in Canada.  

Medical laboratory assistant work is especially appealing to those with scientific interests. For example, you would help perform tests such as electrocardiographs and be involved in infection control or quality control.  

2. Pharmacy Assistant 

Becoming a pharmacy assistant is an ideal career path for those who like to interact with people and perform independent tasks. You’ll help patients, work alongside pharmacists, and spend your time compounding and formulating medications for patients. In addition, this career has an above-average employment outlook, making it a great option for newcomers to develop long-term stability. 

3. Dental Office Administration 

Ideal careers for new Canadians should have short diploma programs. And luckily, a dental office administration program can deliver. At ABES College, our program for this position takes only six months of in-person or virtual schooling. While you can take the program throughout the day, evenings and weekend times are also available. This flexibility makes it a great option for newcomers to Canada who need to work or care for children while attending school. 

At ABES College, our friendly team of professionals can help you determine whether these careers are right for you as a new Canadian.

4. Medical Device Reprocessing Technician 

If you prefer to learn medical terminology rather than interact with patients, a career in sterilizing and processing medical devices is an option to consider. In terms of employment opportunities for new Canadians, this one should be less intimidating for those who would rather work on their own, doing things like high-temperature sterilization and inventory control.   

5. Health Care Aide 

Providing people with basic dignity and essential care is important. If you’re driven to help others, a career as a health care aide may be the right fit for you. You’d be feeding, bathing, and providing basic care for patients in a hospital, long-term care facility or hospice. With a median salary of $21 an hour, a career as a health care aide is a great place for newcomers to Canada to start. 

6. Community Support Worker 

As a newcomer to Canada yourself, you’ll have a good understanding of how foreign workers may struggle. By working as a Community Support Worker in Immigrations and Settlement, you can use your direct experience to help other newcomers have a smooth transition into Canada. You can even provide interpretation services for clients in their own language if you also speak that language. In addition, you’ll teach newcomers the skills they need to have a successful life in Canada, just like you.  

You can get started in any of these careers at ABES College. Reach out to an admissions advisor today to discuss which path is right for you as a new Canadian.