8 Essential Roles of Alberta’s Community Support Workers

CSW in nursery home holding patients hand - 8 Essential Roles of Alberta's Community Support Workers

As a community support worker in Alberta, you’re given the opportunity to wear multiple hats, each requiring a different set of skills and catering to distinct community needs. Here’s a glimpse into some of the important roles you could undertake. 

Adult & Aged Care 

In this role, you’d provide physical, emotional, and social support to seniors or adults with chronic illnesses. You might assist with daily living activities, manage medication schedules, or organize therapeutic activities. 

Mental Health & Addiction Support 

As a mental health and addiction support worker, your focus would be to aid individuals battling mental health issues or substance abuse. This can include facilitating therapy sessions, organizing support groups, or coordinating with medical professionals for suitable treatment plans. 

Developmental Disabilities 

Here, your job is to provide assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities, helping them integrate into society. Your duties might include offering personal care, teaching life skills, or providing vocational training. 

Homeless Shelters & Temporary Living 

Working in homeless shelters or temporary living facilities, you’ll provide essential services to individuals without stable housing. This might involve helping them find employment, secure more permanent housing or connect with social services. 

Women’s Shelters 

Within women’s shelters, your role would involve offering support to women who’ve faced domestic violence or other forms of abuse. This could include providing emotional support and coordinating legal assistance. 

Teen Pregnancy Support 

In this role, you’d help pregnant teens by providing education about prenatal care, arranging for healthcare services, or offering emotional and practical support. 

Newcomer & Immigration Services Support 

Working with newcomers and immigrants, you’d help them integrate into their new community, assisting with language classes, employment assistance, and navigating the local culture.  

Youth & Family Support 

Youth and family support workers help families navigate various challenges, offering counseling, coordinating community resources, or implementing intervention strategies. In this position, you may also support foster parents and children.  

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