4 Reasons Why Healthcare Careers Are Recession-Proof

ABES-health Care Careers Recession

If you’re considering registering for our healthcare aide course or one of our other medical career programs, you may be questioning what lies ahead should you pursue this path. Though the vast majority of our graduates get placed in positions at Calgary clinics and hospitals immediately following their studies, you may wonder how medical careers hold up when there’s a recession.

Are healthcare jobs recession-proof? Will attending our school guarantee you employment in all economic conditions?

While no industry is entirely immune to downturns in the economy, healthcare jobs are among the most protected when times are tough. Here’s why:

1. No outsourcing

The outsourcing of jobs is rampant among Canadian companies. Countless jobs in telecommunications, IT, finance, and manufacturing get offshored every year. Medical sector careers, however, aren’t suited to outsourcing. These are jobs that must be done locally, as the tasks involved cannot be performed elsewhere. 

2. Numerous positions are available each year

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada, and many new positions open up every year. There are several reasons for this trend, including the need to fill positions of those retiring, the emergence of new positions due to developing technologies, and an increasing need for medical care providers owing to ever-increasing numbers of elderly patients.

3. Aging population

Since 2015, approximately one in six—5,780,900—Canadians are aged 65 years or older. This number is only expected to rise, and by 2036 a full 25 percent of our nation will be comprised of seniors. With age often comes an increasing need for medical services and extended care, ensuring an increase in the number of healthcare jobs that will need to be filled.

4. There will always be sick people 

While some careers may become redundant due to new technologies and shifts in the global market, illnesses, injuries, and diseases will always be a part of the human experience. The result is a guaranteed future need for medical sector workers.

How our school positions you for a successful career

Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) is a vocational school that has several healthcare programs, each of which provides the kind of hands-on training that will ensure job readiness upon graduation.

In addition, we have close ties with Alberta Health Services and Calgary Laboratory Services which allow us to tailor our programs to the real needs of Alberta’s medical community and also provide practicums in hospitals, clinics and labs. The medical programs at our school in Calgary have a strong reputation in the community, and the employment rate among our graduates is 90 percent.

To find out more about ABES or to begin the application process contact us today.

Article updated 2023-10-23