Are Unit Clerks and Medical Office Assistants in Demand?

Doctor speaking to unit clerk - Are Unit Clerks and Medical Office Assistants in Demand?

The positions of unit clerks and medical office assistants are currently in high demand in Alberta. Generally, the healthcare field is considered a stable industry with an ongoing need for skilled professionals, as data has shown time and time again. According to the Canadian Job Bank, the “Prospects” metric for medical administrative assistants (which includes unit clerks and medical office assistants) is given a 5-star rating of “Very Good” in Alberta. 

Unit Clerk and MOA Job Growth in Alberta  

According to the 2019-2023 Alberta Regional Occupational Demand Outlook report, employment turnover within the “medical administrative assistants” occupational group is expected to increase as members of the baby boomer generation retire over the coming years. The occupational group is forecasted to have an above-average annual growth of 3.4% from 2019 to 2023. In addition to these turnover-related job openings, 150 new positions within this occupational group are predicted to be created each year. 

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In Alberta, the time to become an MOA or unit clerk is now. With above-average job prospects and growing demand, this field provides stability, reliable pay, and personal fulfillment. Contact ABES to learn more about enrolling in our Unit Clerk & Medical Office Assistant Diploma program today!