Are You in Search of a Healthcare Career in Calgary?

Healthcare Career

Healthcare is a rewarding and exciting industry. It’s also one of the largest, fastest-growing trades to work in today. As baby boomers age, there is an increasing number of people who need health care services. As a result, the healthcare industry is flourishing in Calgary and across the Nation, and new professionals are in high demand. A career in healthcare offers you the potential for growth, higher earnings and job stability.

Entry-level healthcare jobs in Calgary

If you’re interested in working in the healthcare industry in Calgary, but not attending medical school, there are a wide range of entry-level careers to choose from. Are you about to graduate high school? Or are you thinking about transitioning your career? If so, consider the following areas.

Medical Laboratory Assistant

Medical laboratory assistants do many clerical activities in a lab setting, such as data entry. They take and process samples of bodily fluids, such as blood and urine. You can become a certified medical laboratory assistant in just 19 weeks. Medical laboratory assistants earn $27.71 to $44.43 an hour.

The Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Program

Healthcare aides provide personal support and assistance to the elderly, disabled, and acute or chronically ill people who require long or short-term care. They provide the physical and emotional support their clients need to be as independent as possible. Become certified in as little as 21 weeks. Average earnings range between $17.19 to $20.03 an hour.

Unit Clerk / Medical Office Assistant

Unit Clerks and Medical Office Assistants support doctors and other healthcare professionals with a variety of clerical and administrative tasks. They are responsible for scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, accounting, photocopying, filing, answering/forwarding telephone calls and correspondence. In just 26 weeks, you can be trained and certified to work in any medical office in Calgary. On average, they earn $24.00 to $29.88 an hour.

Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

MDRT students must have two years of post-secondary training in Health Care or Life Sciences to qualify for admission. MDRTs gather, assemble/disassemble, clean, disinfect, package, sterilize, store and distribute surgical supplies and equipment for reuse in a healthcare facility. It is a specialized area that requires a slightly longer educational commitment (40 weeks total). Upon completion of the program, MDRTs typically earn $21. 05 to $26.05 an hour.

Finding healthcare colleges in Calgary

If you’re looking for healthcare schools that offer a curriculum in any of the above career options, we invite you to come by the campus at Alberta Business and Educational Services Ltd.

As a healthcare provider, you can make a real difference in the lives of so many people. Get started on your future, contact us today!

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