Common Concerns: “Am I Too Old To Go Back to School?”

There are many different reasons to want to go back to school. Maybe you want extra training to move forward more quickly in your chosen career path. On the other hand, you may be in a career that you don’t necessarily feel passionate about and want to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do.However, many people who aren’t “traditional students” can feel hesitant to return, fearing they may not fit in socially or may have forgotten how to be a student at all.

These concerns are entirely normal, but, you’ll be relieved to know that more and more “older” students are taking advantage of continuing education options in Calgary than ever before.

Will I have forgotten how to be a student?
Although it may not always look like it from the outside, being a student is a specific skill of its own. Depending on your previous experience with school and how long it’s been since you’ve last taken a class, beginning your studies may initially be more difficult for students who are used to a different kind of workplace.

At the same time, students who have been working for a few (or even more than a few) years sometimes have a better sense of how to work efficiently. Whereas younger students may not have a concrete idea of their strengths and weaknesses as learners, older students know exactly how important it is to do well and what methods and motivations work for them. Once returning students develop the school-specific habits that work for them, they can do anything they want. The world is your oyster!

Will I be able to fit in socially?
Although most people think of the “average” student as under the age of 23, according to the Canadian government only 12% of people graduating from Health Sciences programs in 2014 were under the age of 22 and only 37% were under the age of 25. Although classes often require people from all walks of life to learn together, age doesn’t have to be a liability. In fact, practical experience can often be an asset.

The truth of the matter is that there is no “average” experience of higher education in Calgary. There are so many options and possibilities available to every student that everyone has the opportunity to make their education what they want it to be.

We at Alberta Business & Educational Services (ABES) think that continuing education is an essential service for everyone in Calgary. We’re committed to giving a great educational experience to all of our students, no matter what age you happen to be. Contact us today to find out more about how you can get the education you need to pursue your dreams.