In-Person Learning vs. Online Learning: The Pros & Cons of Each

Online Format Classes for Healthcare Programs

At many colleges, the program you want may only be available in one format: either online or in person. But, at some schools, your program may be offered in person AND online, giving you a choice.  

Should you choose to study in a classroom or from the comfort of your own home? Below, we compare in-person vs online learning. At ABES College, we offer some programs in either format, so choosing which one should be about what is best for you. 

Benefits of In-Person Learning vs Online 

Learning in person might be the “old” way of learning, but sometimes old is best. There are many reasons that choosing to learn in a classroom instead of over the internet might be better for you, including: 

  • Making connections: You will build stronger relationships with teachers, peers, and other people in the college environment when attending in-person classes. These can be valuable connections to help you get hired and have a support network throughout your career.
  • Seeing other opportunities: Interacting with other groups and events on campus can be enriching, and it’s more likely you’ll see or hear about them when you’re on campus every day. 
  • Fewer distractions: For some people, it is easier to focus in the classroom environment rather than at home. 
  • Coursework: Some programs, like our Social Services Programs, may be better taught in person to allow you to witness body language or understand the emotional content of lectures better. Those who plan to work with people may also be better suited to in-person learning because they already value personal connection. 

Why is Online Learning Better Than In-Person? 

While in-person learning works for many, there is no denying that online learning offers flexibility and benefits that help other students succeed. Here are some reasons that online learning might work better for you: 

  • Transportation: Some students don’t have access to reliable transportation. These people need to choose online learning in order to be sure they can complete their program.   
  • Time saved: You can save a great deal of time if you don’t need to commute to class. In addition, faster learners may find they spend less time on lectures when they study online.  
  • Distractions: Some people find classroom environments more distracting than their own homes and prefer to study online for this reason.   

Is Online College Worth It?  

It can be, for the right person, pursuing the right program. It’s important to consider your own circumstances and how they might change throughout your program. No matter your choice, a reputable institution is bound to give you a valuable education you can count on. 

Online Classes Available At ABES College  

At ABES College, we currently offer the following 4 programs in-person and online:  

Get Guidance to Decide Between In-Person vs Online Learning 

The admissions advisors at ABES College can help you decide if online learning or in-person learning is a better fit for you. Reach out to our team today to discuss.