What Is a Typical Unit Clerk/MOA Salary?

Unit Clerk and patient speaking over counter - What is a typical Unit Clerk/MOA salary?

Wondering how much unit clerks and medical office assistants (MOA) make? According to Alis, the median salary for medical administrative assistants in Canada is around $49,700 per year. Meanwhile, hourly wages for these positions can range from $15.50 to $33.50 per hour.  

How Much Do Unit Clerks & Medical Office Assistants Make in Calgary? 

If you’re interested in working in the Calgary area, the typical wage for a unit clerk at AHS starts at around $25/hour and can go up to $30/hour with a shift differential. A shift differential is an additional payment made to employees who work outside of the normal daytime hours, such as night shifts, weekends, and holidays. 

For medical office assistants in Alberta, the median hourly wage is around $20 per hour, according to data from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank. However, it’s important to keep in mind that actual wages can vary depending on the specific job description and employer. 

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