Why Should You Become a Health Care Aide?

Community Support Worker Program

Why become a Health Care Aide?

Healthcare Aides are crucial to the quality of care that people receive in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and more. Because of this, HCAs are in high demand in Alberta. If you are looking for a career in health care that will provide you with rewarding and consistent work for better pay, look no further than HCA.

Benefits of Being a Healthcare Aide

In your role as a Healthcare Aide, you'll be instrumental in:

  • Providing critical personal care to those in need
  • Establishing meaningful relationships with patients and their families
  • Easing patients' feelings of isolation through companionship
  • Assisting with physical rehabilitation, aiding recovery and promoting independence
  • Ensuring a safe, clean and comforting environment for patients

In this role, you'll experience a high level of job satisfaction, with varied experiences, continuous learning, and the privilege of making a real difference in people's lives.

How to Become a Healthcare Aide

You can start your career by enrolling in a Healthcare Aide program at your local college.

For those in Calgary, the HCA program at ABES College offers maximum flexibility for students from all walks of life. We offer many start dates throughout the year, and in most cases, you can choose between daytime or evening/weekend class schedules to meet your needs.

With your education through ABES College, we also ensure that you receive favourable placement in a relevant practicum role. Many times, these roles lead to job offers upon graduation, or inform you of what the exact role you'd like to fill in your future career might be.

Hear From Our Students

Sometimes the best resource is to hear about an individual's personal experience with a program. We spoke to some of our recent HCA graduates to learn about their backgrounds, experiences with the program, and the careers that they have started as a result of the Health Care Aide course.

We are always proud of our graduates, and are especially excited to hear that they are passionate about their new careers and thankful for their choice to enter into the HCA program.

What will your HCA success story start with?

Learn more about HCA programs here, or get started with your application by scheduling a 15 minute call with an ABES Advisor.


ABES is a small, privately owned school that provides not only traditional instruction but also places a priority on hands-on training. This means that in addition to learning in our labs, students will complete a practicum in the Calgary area. Employers look for students with hands-on skills, and our students are often hired during their Practicum experience. 

Additionally, ABES has a long history of partnering with the medical community and this is of great assistance in offering employment opportunities to our graduates.

Finally, ABES offers career placement services to our students so that they may enter the workforce as soon as possible after completing the program.