Why Should You Become a Unit Clerk?

Unit Clerk Program Calgary

Why become a Unit Clerk?

Choosing a career as a Unit Clerk puts you at the heart of healthcare, acting as a critical link between patients, medical staff, and administrative processes. With a unique blend of office skills and medical knowledge, you'll contribute to patient care and efficient services.

Benefits of Being a Unit Clerk

In your role as a Unit Clerk, you'll get to enjoy the following tasks:

  • Facilitating efficient operations by managing patient records and schedules
  • Serving as the hub of communication between doctors, nurses, patients, and their families
  • Enhancing patient experience by providing accurate and timely information
  • Assisting with administrative tasks to streamline services
  • Contributing to a cohesive healthcare team
  • Supporting the delivery of quality patient care

This role provides a rewarding career with a dynamic work environment, opportunities for growth, and the satisfaction of supporting those in need.

How to Become a Unit Clerk

The ABES College Unit Clerk and Medical Office Assistant program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter into a healthcare career. Why? Because with your training as a UC/MOA, you are able to fill multiple roles, including Admitting Clerk, Health Records Clerk, Chart Management Clerk, and Hospital Unit Clerk.

With your education through ABES College, we also ensure that you receive favourable placement in a relevant practicum role. Many times, these roles lead to job offers upon graduation, or inform you of what the exact role you'd like to fill in your future career might be.

Check Out Netty's Story:

Sometimes the best resource is to hear about an individual's personal experience with a program. Netty transitioned from a career in retail and joined the Unit Clerk program at ABES College. Her time in the program and experience gained during her practicum helped her secure a great position working at the Children's Hospital.

Netty's contributions at the hospital means that day to day operations run smoothly, and that every heath care professional in her unit is able to provide top notch care to young patients.

Netty is making a difference with her Unit Clerk + Medical Office assistant education; we cant wait to see what you can do with yours!


ABES is a small, privately owned school that provides not only traditional instruction but also places a priority on hands-on training. This means that in addition to learning in our labs, students will complete a practicum in the Calgary area. Employers look for students with hands-on skills, and our students are often hired during their Practicum experience. 

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